Обложка книги Learning Carbon

Learning Carbon

ISBN: 0596001614; 9780596001612;
Издательство: O'Reilly & Associates
Страниц: 360

Get up to speed quickly on creating Mac® OS X applications with Carbon?. Learning Carbon is a complete hands-on guide to everything from the basics to in-depth use of Carbon's many features. As you design and build a Carbon application called Moon Travel Planner, you'll learn how to implement key application tasks such as handling windows, printing documents, opening and saving files, creating and responding to menu commands, providing help to users, and organizing application resources for easy localization in multiple countries and languages. You'll get practice using the development tools Project Builder and Interface Builder. And you'll absorb key concepts about Carbon and Mac OS X programming, including event management, resource handling, and bundle anatomy. After finishing this book, you'll be comfortable writing your own Carbon applications. Written by insiders at Apple Computer, Learning Carbon gives you a head start in the Mac OS X development market...

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