Обложка книги Lines and Curves: A Practical Geometry Handbook

Lines and Curves: A Practical Geometry Handbook

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ISBN: 0817641610;
Издательство: Birkhauser Boston

"Lines and Curves" is a unique adventure in the world of geometry. Originally written in Russian and used in the Gelfand Correspondence School, the book has since become a classic: unlike standard textbooks that use the subject primarily to introduce axiomatic reasoning as illustrated by formal geometric proofs, "Lines and Curves" maintains solid mathematical rigor, but also strikes a balance between whimsical artistry, creative storytelling, and surprising examples of geometric properties. This newly revised and expanded edition includes more than 200 theoretical and practical problems in which formal geometry provides simple and elegant insight, and the book points the reader toward important areas of modern mathematics. The text focuses on thegeometrical properties of paths traced by moving points, the sets of points satisfying given geometric constraints, and questions of maxima and minima; it is, therefore, well positioned for companion use with software packages like...