Обложка книги Linguistic Instruments in Requirements Engineering

Linguistic Instruments in Requirements Engineering


ISBN: 9051993161;
Издательство: Ios Pr Inc

The book discusses a new approach to requirements engineering. The goal of the method described is to facilitate the requirements engineering process and to improve the quality of its results. The focus of the book is on how linguistic instruments can beused profitably in this process, in order to reach this goal. The book gives a rather complete overview of the current status of requirements engineering, including (object-oriented) software analysis, and of applications of natural language to information systems in general. The improvements to the requirements engineering process include a better understanding of the problem and its domain, expressed by abstract models upon the contents of which the users (i.e. the 'owners' of the problem) have agreed. The process of collecting, specifying, verifying and validating the contents of the models is elaborated extensively. The linguistic meaning and definition of the words and concepts, that are selected from the Universe of Discourse...