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Asuncion Gomez-Perez, Oscar Corcho, Mariano Fernandez-Lopez

Ontological Engineering: With Examples from the Areas of Knowledge Management, E-Commerce and Semantic Web (Advanced Information and Knowledge Processing)

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ISBN: 1852335513
Издательство: Springer-Verlag
Ontologies provide a common vocabulary of an area and define - with different levels of formality - the meaning of the terms and the relationships between them. Ontologies may be reused and shared across applications and groups Concepts in the ontology are usually organized in taxonomies and relations between concepts, properties of concepts, and axioms are typically used for representing the knowledge contained in ontologies. With the growth of information available, e.g. on the WWW, they are popularly applied in knowledge management, semantic web, natural language generation, enterprise modelling, knowledge-based systems, ontology-based brokers, e-commerce platforms and interoperability between systems. This book looks at questions such as: * What is an ontology? * What are the uses of ontologies? * What types of ontologies exist? What are the most well-known ones? * How do I select the best ontology for my application? * What are the principles for building an ontology? * What...