Обложка книги Rapid Java Application Development with Sun ONE Studio 4

Rapid Java Application Development with Sun ONE Studio 4

ISBN: 0130473782;
Издательство: Prentice Hall

This book introduces advanced Java programming with the tool Forte. Comprehensive and incremental, this book focuses on rapid Java application development. Representative examples, carefully chosen and presented in an easy-to-follow style teaches application development. Each example is described, and includes the source code, a sample run, and an example review. Covers advanced Java programming on JavaBeans, Bean event model, model-view architecture, developing customized components, Swing components, creating custom layout managers, Bean persistence, bound properties and constraint properties, Bean introspection and customization, Java database programming, and distributed programming using remote method invocation and Java Servlets. The early chapters introduce JavaBeans?the basis of rapid Java application development; while subsequent chapters apply -step-by-step- rapid application development techniques to build comprehensive, robust and useful graphics...