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Ian Graham

Requirements Engineering and Rapid Development : An Object-Oriented Approach

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ISBN: 0201360470
Издательство: Pearson Education
The message of this book is simple. Software development should be done quickly and effectively. Systems that take years to develop can often end up out of synch. with their users evolving requirements and business objectives by the time they are delivered. Requirements Engineering and Rapid Development shows how to solve the problem by using a systematic approach to requirements gathering and business modelling. This book is packed full of practical advice and tried and tested techniques for object modelling, illustrating how these techniques may be applied not only to models of computer systems, but to models of the world in which they have to operate. Ian Graham provides advice on how to run requirements workshops and presents a standard structure for requirements gathering, modelling and analysis, founded on an understanding of the projects mission and business objectives. Using a sequence of traceable, linked object models the final implementation may be continually checked...