Обложка книги Roundtable on Technical leadership: A Shape Forum Dialogue

Roundtable on Technical leadership: A Shape Forum Dialogue

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ISBN: 093263351X;
Издательство: Dorset House Publishing Company, Incorporated

Joined by coeditors Marie Benesh and James Bullock, consultant?s consultant Gerald M. Weinberg highlights forty experts? secrets for building and sustaining a leadership role in software development. Participants of the SHAPE forum, many ofthem software consultants and managers at the world?s most successful software companies, logged in to help each other identify the "stupid tricks" that developers are tempted to employ in design, code, and documentation?tricks that seem cleverin the short term but have damaging long-term effects. Topics include programming, design, documentation, social factors, teaching, learning, educating management, being yourself, and much more. Presented in an easy-to-read dialogue format, true to the comments? original appearance on the Web, this is the second stand-alone book drawn from Weinberg?s SHAPE forum, following Roundtable on Project Management. Contributors include Jim Batterson, James Bullock, Pat...