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Mehmet Aksit

Software Architectures and Component Technology (Kluwer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science, 648)

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ISBN: 0792375769
Издательство: Kluwer Academic Publishers
Software architectures have gained wide popularity in the last decade. They generally play a fundamental role in coping with the inherent difficulties of the development of large-scale and complex software systems. Component-oriented and aspect-oriented programming enables software engineers to implement complex applications from a set of pre-defined components. Software Architectures and Component Technology collects excellent chapters on software architectures and component technologies from well-known authors, who not only explain the advantages, but also present the shortcomings of the current approaches while introducing novel solutions to overcome the shortcomings. The unique features of this book are: + evaluates the current architecture design methods and component composition techniques and explains their shortcomings; + presents three practical architecture design methods in detail; + gives four industrial architecture design examples; + presents...