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David C. Kung, Pei Hsia, Jerry Gao

Testing Object-Oriented Software

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ISBN: 0818685204, 9780818685200
Издательство: Wiley-IEEE Computer Society Pr
Object-oriented programming increases software reusability, extensibility, interoperability, and reliability. Software testing is necessary to realize these benefits by uncovering as many programming errors as possible at a minimum cost. A major challenge to the software engineering community remains how to reduce the cost while improving the quality of software testing. The requirements for testing object-oriented programs differ from those for testing conventional programs. Testing Object-Oriented Software illustrates these differences and discusses object-oriented software testing problems, focusing on the difficulties and challenges testers face. The text contains of nineteen reprinted papers providing a general framework for class- and system-level testing and examines object-oriented design criteria and high testability metrics. It offers object-oriented testing techniques, ideas and methods for unit testing, and object-oriented program integration-testing strategy. ...