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Mike Dawson

The AS/400 Owner's Manual for V4

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ISBN: 1583470018
Издательство: MC Press, LLC
Midrange Computing's all-time bestselling manual is now updated and V4R2-ready! Designed for AS/400 professionals at all levels, The AS/400 Owner's Manual for V4 walks you through hundreds of AS/400 tasks from the perspective of how most shops actually work. Cutting through the dozens of parameters and options of AS/400 commands, The AS/400 Owner's Manual for V4 takes you directly to the results you need. Offering much more than brief, to-the-point instructions, it also includes valuable descriptions examining why AS/400 managers, administrators, operators, and programmers do certain things on the machine and how the AS/400 works internally. This edition is completely up to date for Version 4 of OS/400 and contains a new chapter about the Internet and TCP/IP. Wire-bound and concise, The AS/400 Owner's Manual for V4 is the perfect workstation tool for anyone who does AS/400 operations, administration, or management.