Обложка книги The COM and COM+ Programming Primer

The COM and COM+ Programming Primer

ISBN: 0130850322;
Издательство: Prentice Hall PTR

Besides being one of the most readable and understandable guides to the Microsoft Component Object Model (COM) (and related technologies) ever written, Alan Gordon's The COM and COM+ Programming Primer also gives today's COM developer an up-to-the-minute guide to COM+, including excellent hands-on demonstrations of installing and deploying COM+ objects. The best thing about this text has to be the author's extremely engaging writing style and clear explanations of thorny COM concepts, like interfaces, GUIDs, and other nuts-and-bolts issues that help make Microsoft's component standard tough-going for beginners. An experienced educator, the author makes use of clear examples and analogies--for instance, describing COM as a "software bus" where components can be shared across applications and projects. If you've been baffled by other books on COM, this book's easygoing presentation may do the trick. It also helps that the text traces each slippery term in the Microsoft COM...