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Dick Hamlet, Joe Maybee

The Engineering of Software: Technical Foundations for the Indiviual

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ISBN: 0201701030
Издательство: Addison Wesley Longman
In this book, the authors provide an introduction to the essential activities involved in a software engineering project. Readers will come to understand technical skills in requirements/specification, analysis, design/implementation, and testing. Thesemethods are treated fully, with a multitude of examples for readers to emulate. The book is divided into four parts?Software and Engineering; Requirements and Specification; Design and Coding; and Software Testing?to discuss the phases (besides coding) of the software lifecycle. It covers modern topics like Capability Maturity Model, Java, Automated and Regression testing, and Safety for mission critical projects. This book is designed to hone the skills of the software engineer by reinforcing the methods and techniques used throughout the software lifecycle. It is also suitable for "crossover" engineers trained in other technical field who now find themselves working with software.