Обложка книги The OpenGL Extensions Guide

The OpenGL Extensions Guide

ISBN: 1584502940;
Издательство: Charles River Media

OpenGL is the premier environment for developing 2D and 3D graphics and game applications. The interface has been the choice of game programmers, primarily because of its cross-platform operability, but also, because it is constantly evolving to keep pace with hardware advances in the form of extensions. Until now, the game industry was lacking one single, concise reference to help make sense of the dozens of extensions available. The OpenGL Extensions Guide provides a valuable resource that concentrates specifically on the extensions most important to developing modern 3D games. The book describes extensions in groups that modify or augment similar components of the base OpenGL architecture. Key Features: * Discusses all of the essential OpenGL extensions in detail and provides an invaluable reference tool to the OpenGL programmer * Each extension is divided into a discussion section and one or two reference sections named "New Functions" and "Extended Functions." ...