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Mark Christensen, Richard H. Thayer

The Project Manager's Guide to Software Engineering's Best Practices (Best Practices)

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ISBN: 0769511996, 9780769511993
Издательство: Wiley-IEEE Computer Society Pr
Since the earliest days of the computer industry, managing a software project has been a complex and demanding activity. While the technical content of software products and the technical methods used to build them have changed over time, the fundamentalissues that determine the success or failure of software projects have remain fairly constant. That is, the same fundamental management mistakes continue to be made. To cite a few examples; requirements are unclear at the beginning of projects and are not managed during the project, the product is not tested adequately, schedules are misestimated or not tracked in sufficient detail. The contents of this book, together with the underlying IEEE Standards, are dedicated to helping the reader in their work: The continuing quest to produce quality software products in a predictable manner. This book, containing all original material, is based on the proposition that the IEEE Software Engineering Standards capture many of the...