Обложка книги The Software Factory Challenge

The Software Factory Challenge


ISBN: 9051992882;
Издательство: Ios Pr Inc

The Eureka Software Factory project (ESF) was set up by a Group of European partners in 1987. Its objective was broadly to improve the large-scale software production process by introducing an industrialised approach to have The Software Factory Challenge social, organisational and technical aspects. The project was set up under the pan-European Eureka programme, and it was funded by the partners together with their national governments. This book is not a history of the ESF project, but rather a presentation of its main ideas and achievements, and an account of how the concepts pioneered by the project have become part of a general movement in both the industrial and academic domains. In this movement, the facility for the production, use and maintenance of large-scale computer artefacts (the Software Factory) is treated in a wide and `organic' way, so as to include concepts such as business value and process improvement; with the development of new technologies being driven by these...

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