Обложка книги The Zen of Direct3D Game Programming

The Zen of Direct3D Game Programming

ISBN: 0761534296;
Издательство: Muska & Lipman/Premier-Trade

Whether you're a professional programmer looking to get up to speed on DirectX® 8.0 or a hobbyist new to game programming, this book will be your ultimate guide to programming amazing 3D computer graphics with Microsoft® Direct3D® 8.0! It provides a solid introduction to interactive entertainment engineering, Windows® programming, and advanced graphical techniques. Inside you'll find deep coverage of 2D graphics, including using double buffering, page flipping, programming a bitmap font engine, and creating a Quake-style programmable console. Read on to learn sophisticated 3D graphics programming techniques such as bilinear filtering, texturing, materials, lights, and how to develop an object-orientated frame based object hierarchy inorder to simulate amazingly realistic animation effects. Begin your journey into the world of Direct3D - and great games - here, now!

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