Обложка книги Toward Zero-Defect Programming

Toward Zero-Defect Programming


ISBN: 0201385953;
Издательство: Addison-Wesley Professional

Toward Zero-Defect Programming describes current methods for writing (nearly) bug-free programs. These methods are based on practices developed at IBM and elsewhere under the name Cleanroom Software Engineering. The successful application of these methods in commercial projects over the past fifteen years has produced defect rates that are, at least, an order of magnitude lower than industry averages. Remarkably, this reduction in defects comes at no net cost; on the contrary, it is often accompanied byincreased productivity and shorter overall development time! In a concise and well-illustrated presentation, Stavely shows how these methods can be applied in three key areas of software development: specification verification testing. Requiring formal specifications, and requiring that the code be proved mathematically to agree with the specifications, forces software engineers to program more simply and more clearly, eliminating many defects as a consequence....