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Pascal Roques

UML in Practice : The Art of Modeling Software Systems Demonstrated Through Worked Examples and Solutions

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ISBN: 0470848316, 9780470848319
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons
UML is the de facto industry standard modeling language for specifying, visualising, constructing and documenting aspects of the design of software systems. To use UML effectively is to move beyond the theoretical presentation of language notation and tounderstand how to use it to communicate both the modeling problems and their solutions. This book is a practical discussion of a wide range of UML based techniques, introduced within the context of real-life examples and solutions. Pascal Roques is involved in day-to-day software development, and the emphasis he places on real-life projects is unique in demonstrating how a modeling expert thinks and assesses possible solutions. UML in Practice provides comprehensive coverageof the three main modelling viewpoints at the analysis level – functional, static and dynamic – through examples and exercises. A final section provides the detail of collaboration and class diagrams to fill in the design...