Обложка книги UML Xtra-Light: How to Specify Your Software Requirements

UML Xtra-Light: How to Specify Your Software Requirements


ISBN: 0521892422;
Издательство: Cambridge University Press

Business managers often find it impossible to communicate business objectives and specify their software requirements to technical members of staff. This beginner's guide to the Unified Modeling Language (UML) - the standard for documenting software designs - teaches readers to communicate with software developers in a more focused, effective way. It describes the basic diagrams of the UML modeling notation and shows how they are used to specify requirements in an unambiguous way. When applied on a project, the risk of failure through unclear requirements is removed. If you are a non-technical person with a stake in the success of a software project, this book is for you. Milan Kratochvil has worked as an IT-consultant, instructor and writer in methodology for nearly twenty-five years, focusing on areas where IT and business intersect. Barry McGibbon is a principal consultant for Princeton Softech.