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Stephen P. Berczuk, Brad Appleton

Software Configuration Management Patterns: Effective Teamwork, Practical Integration

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ISBN: 0201741172
Издательство: Addison-Wesley Professional; 1st edition
Год издания: 2002
Страниц: 256
Software configuration management is not what I do. I am not a software configuration management person. I am not an organizational anthropology person. However, I discovered early on that understanding organizations, software architecture, and configuration management was essential to doing my job as a software developer. I also find this systems perspective on software engineering interesting. I build software systems, and configuration management is a very important and often neglected part of building software systems. In this book, I hope that I can show you how to avoid some of the problems I have encountered so that you can build systems more effectively with your team. I should probably explain what I mean in distinguishing between software configuration management (SCM) people and people who build software systems. The stereotype is that configuration management people are concerned with tools and control. They are conservative, and they prefer slow, predictable progress....