Обложка книги The Game Localization Handbook

The Game Localization Handbook

ISBN: 1584503432;
Издательство: Charles River Media
Страниц: 338

As games become more popular in international markets, developers and publishers need to know how to capitalize on these opportunities quickly. The Game Localization Handbook is a comprehensive guide to producing localized games for any platform. Written for producers, translators, development personnel, studio management, publishers, and anyone involved directly or indirectly with the production of localized games, the book provides insightful guidelines to all the tasks involved. The topics covered are divided into five main areas that provide details on the major aspects of game localization. The first part defines localizations and discusses how to start thinking in a global mindset. It provides a general overview of each phase of the localization process, including localization, internationalization, and software age ratings requirements. The next section discusses how to plan your localizations. You'll also find details on what pre-production tasks are required, along with...