Обложка книги .NET System Management Services

.NET System Management Services

ISBN: 1590590589;
Издательство: APRS

This detailed guide overviews the enterprise system management facilities, which are available as part of the Framework Class Library (FCL) of the .NET Framework. While Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)—a centerpiece of Microsoft's enterprise management technology&emdash;is a fairly well-researched topic, .NET system management documentation has, so far, been scarce. Therefore, this book aims to provide you with the comprehensive, sensible documentation that up until now has been lacking. The book will also cover overlooked aspects of .NET and WMI programming. After reading .NET System Management Services , you will possess solid understanding of the fundamental concepts behind WMI, and you will be able to quickly develop custom management tools&emdash;which are often more flexible and powerful than any expensive, ready-made software.

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