Обложка книги The Da Vinci Cook: An Angie Amalfi Mystery

The Da Vinci Cook: An Angie Amalfi Mystery

ISBN: 0060758066;
Издательство: Avon
Страниц: 352

Just when dilettante chef Angie Amalfi's checkered culinary career seems to be looking up, she has to drop everything and hightail it to Rome. Her realtor sister Caterina's in a stew—accused of murdering a stranger she found already dead in the abandoned mansion of an absent client, famed Roman restauranteur Marcello Piccoletti. To make matters worse, a priceless religious relic is missing as well—so the Amalfi girls are joining forces in the Eternal City . . . and diving head-first into a simmering cauldron of big trouble. Working undercover as a cook in Piccoletti's world-famous upscale eatery, Da Vinci's, Angie hopes to unravel the tangled spaghetti strands of this homicide-theft-conspiracy and clear Cat's name. But when bodies begin piling up like fresh mozzarella balls at a family picnic, it looks like next it'll be arrivederci Amalfis . . . for good!