Обложка книги Going Mod : X Cool Case Mod Projects

Going Mod : X Cool Case Mod Projects

ISBN: 0764573748; 9780764573743;
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons
Страниц: 448

* Get cracking! Here's the hardware hacker's guide to banishing boring beige boxes * ExtremeTech readers aren't timid about cracking the case and voiding the warranty, and they'll love these detailed instructions for PC extreme makeovers that add lights, shapes, windows on the works, and more individuality to standard PC cases * Modding is hot; a multimillion dollar industry has grown up around the hobbyists who modify their computer cases with way-out windows, neon and lighting displays, custom cooling systems, and more * Modding is also mainstream-major computer retailers now stock light kits and fan kits, while some PC vendors offer out-of-the-box cases with personality * Written by a serious modder who took a Dremel to a computer case long before it was fashionable, the book provides materials lists, identifies necessary tools, and supplies all the directions for over a dozen cool case mods