Обложка книги Multimedia Information Storage and Management

Multimedia Information Storage and Management

ISBN: 0792397649;
Издательство: Kluwer Academic Publishers

Multimedia information systems are distinct from traditional information systems, particularly in terms of scheduling, media data, servers, and a number of other important issues. The relatively large size of multimedia data and the high bandwidth requirements for multimedia streams require new storage systems, buffering, delivery, and networking schemes. This work addresses many of these issues by focusing on the following: + Disk scheduling and storage hierarchy, + Configuration of multimedia servers and buffer management, + Delivery scheduling for multimedia streams, + Supporting user interactions, + Document modeling and temporal modeling of multimedia data, and + Integrated multimedia information system. Chapters in this book have been written by well-known and leading researchers in the field. The material is original and includes the most recent research results on topics such as data retrieval from disks, server architecture, buffering,...

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