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Wendi Pohs, Gayle Thiel, Seth Earley, Marianne White

Practical Knowledge Management: The Lotus Discovery System

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ISBN: 1931182035
Издательство: Independent Publishers Group
Created for chief technology officers (CTOs), chief information officers (CIOs), consultants, and practitioners, including administrators of various types who are interested in developing knowledge management solutions within a corporation, Practical Knowledge Management: The Lotus Knowledge Discovery System describes the new knowledge discovery software from Lotus Development Corporation. Knowledge management is a method for obtaining tangible value out of the substantial technology investments businessleaders have made. As employees use electronic communications tools to transact business, they create huge repositories of important information about people, products, processes, and procedures. This previously untapped corporate information, or intellectual capital, can be reused to improve organizational efficiency. The Lotus Knowledge Discovery System uncovers relationships between people and groups of documents based on actual user actions, such as authorship and how frequently...