Обложка книги Web Based Management of IP Networks & Systems

Web Based Management of IP Networks & Systems

ISBN: 0471487023; 9780471487029;
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons

Building on the author’s extensive experience in industry and government agencies, this book proposes a general framework for integrating the management of networked systems in the IP world. The Web-based Integrated Management Architecture (WIMA) leverages XML’s self-description capability to integrate SNMP data and CIM objects in a seamless manner. The first part of the book begins with a detailed analysis of SNMP; it highlights its strengths and weaknesses and justifies the need forobject-oriented information models such as CIM. Next, the author summarizes the different paradigms considered in management research and industry in the past decade, compares the suitability of different middleware solutions, and concludes that with current technologies, Web-based management makes a lot of technical sense and is not just trendy. The second part goes into software engineering detail and discusses tradeoffs for organizing manager-to-agent communication. In WIMA,...

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