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Peter Herzum, Oliver Sims

Business Component Factory : A Comprehensive Overview of Component-Based Development for the Enterprise

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ISBN: 0471327603, 9780471327608
Издательство: Wiley
In this book, Peter Herzum and Oliver Sims present a complete component based strategy, the business component approach, that applies and extends component thinking to all aspects of the software life cycle for enterprise systems. The approach includes aconceptual framework that brings components into the world of scalable systems, and outlines the different component granularities. It also includes a methodology that goes beyond current object-oriented practices to provide the concepts required to meet the real challenges of component-based development. Using their business component approach, the authors then provide a blueprint for a business component factory--a development capability that can produce software with the quality, speed, and flexibility needed to match changing business needs. Sprinkled with guidelines, tips, and architectural patterns, this book fully prepares you for the approaching component revolution. Praise for Business Component...