Обложка книги ePurchasingPlus (2nd Edition)

ePurchasingPlus (2nd Edition)

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ISBN: 0967744210;
Издательство: JGC Enterprises

-includes free CD that outlines book and describes 10 additional CDs that supplement the book -2nd Edition -3 times the size of the first edition -30+ contributing ePurchasing experts and practitioners: (CEOs: US,UK & Canadian professionals;Government, military & public sector experts; Educators and students; Editors of leading "supply chain/ procurement" publications) -Single source to learn 20+ etools & software for purchasing -New section on Government, Military & Public Buying, US &Canada - Provides a process and set of tools to help purchasing professionals transform their organizations with technology. -ePurchasingPlus has 4 components: 1. Process Change (Reengineering & Supply Chain) 2. Use of Technology tools (etools) 3. Integration of technology, ERP & data warehouse 4. Plus (Strategy, Skills & Activities) At the heart of the book is an explanation and the use of 20+ etools and software developed for Purchasing and a foundation for...