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Bob Cancilla

IBM eServer iSeries: Built for e-business

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ISBN: 1931182086
Издательство: Independent Publishers Group
Internet technology has unquestionably revolutionized the way business is conducted today. It has opened up unprecedented opportunities at affordable prices for real-time collaboration between businesses. It has made the computing resources of internal IT systems available to the masses. And it has made the long-standing promise of affordable outsourcing a reality. Indeed, e-business computing has changed the way we all approach information technology. With this book, author Bob Cancilla provides a road map for iSeries customers to identify and understand the tremendous wealth of e-business software bundled with OS/400. He takes each of the main e-business components and explains what it is, how it works, and how it can be used to improve business environments. Bob focuses on the function available and provides a glimpse into the future by describing function currently under development. The information is timely, relevant, and accurate. Bob draws on his real-world experiences...
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