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Matt Haig

If You're So Brilliant...How Come You Don't Have an E-Strategy?: The Essential Guide to Online Business (If You're So Brilliant)

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ISBN: 0749437278
Издательство: Kogan Page Ltd
While taking account of the more cautions e-business climate, Matt Haig challenges his readers with his contention that a well-thought-out e-strategy is no longer a luxury but a necessity. In his acclaimed pragmatic and readable style, he puts the emphasis on cost-effectiveness and gives realistic advice that is relevant to both small and large businesses. This book takes the reader through the key stages in developing a plan for using the Internet for competitive advantage and growth based on the company`s goals, objectives, competitive environment and culture, such as: the technology required; e-security; your e-brand; pricing and making money; promotion/marketing techniques; measuring return on investment and lots more. Taking a global perspective, this succinct, frills-free guide not shows businesses how to attract global online audiences but also includes lots of real-life global case studies and opinion.
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