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Janice Reynolds

Logistics & Fulfillment for E-Business : A Practical Guide to Mastering Back Office Functions for Online Commerce

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ISBN: 1578200741, 9781578200740
Издательство: CMP Books
Год издания: 2010
Страниц: 545
Getting the Right Product to the Right Place at the Right Time Logistics and fulfillment management is unglamorous, complex and expensive, but it is one of the primary factors determining whether an e-business will be profitable. Many enterprises (large and small) rush into the e-business model without adequate consideration of logistics and fulfillment systems. The author walks the reader through the labyrinth of technical and outsourcing choices. This book covers, in depth, the processes and systems necessary to ensure that an e-tail or B2B commerce site can deliver its product to the customer in a quick, cost-effective and traceable manner --from the moment the customer clicks the "buy" button to the instant it is in the customer's hands, plus the after-sales issues -- returns, technical support, warranties, etc. The book also explores the virtual world of e-business as its processes merge with the day-to-day realities of commerce: procurement, inventory...