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Taylor Marsh

My Year in Smut: The Internet Escapades Inside Danni's Hard Drive

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ISBN: 1588208656
Издательство: 1stBooks Library
Sex. That's the main event, whether you're reading this book or just living life. It's the one subject that fascinates us all. This drama is about the people and the absurd situations that pervade porn, specifically seen through the year Taylor Marsh spent as editor in chief, then managing editor of a neophyte entrepreneurial Internet company, Danni's Hard Drive, which is run by the "Most Downloaded Woman in Internet History" (according to the Guinness Book of World Records). The story that will unfold is partly about Danni Ashe, a woman who started off as a stripper, but who eventually landed on the World Wide Web, leaving her very first job behind to take on her second job, president and head porn Diva of her own multi-million dollar Internet and video smut company. On the other side of the story sits a strong, authority bucking activist writer who, while accomplishing a lot for her boss, would ultimately become the sequin studded g-string that cut just a little too...