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James Tenser

Tenser's Tirades: Essays on the Dot-Com Retail Phenomenon 1996-2001

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ISBN: 0759638047
Издательство: Authorhouse
Tenser?s Tirades documents the obsession of self-styled author/consultant/e-vangelist James Tenser with the astonishing phenomenon of dot-com retailing. This collection of 32 essays appeared over a period of about five years in a dozen leading retail trade periodicals. Collectively, they track the early promise, exhilarating rise and stunning demise of born-for-the-Web retailing through a series of snapshots taken in the moment. As one of the earliest observers to grasp and comment upon the unvarnished realities of e-retailing, Tenser was right more often than he was wrong, but as these rants reveal, he never kept his opinions to himself.
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