Обложка книги Web Site Usability Handbook

Web Site Usability Handbook

ISBN: 1584500263;
Издательство: Charles River Media

Does your company Web site convey your message effectively? Are your customers finding what they need easily? Determining these factors is a difficult task that has challenged Usability professionals since the first Web page was posted. Company Web sites aren't optional in today's highly competitive business environment and ensuring that your investment on the Web is well spent, is a challenge facing all levels of Web professionals. With the hands-on guidance and examples provided in this book, readers will find practical tools to make certain that their site is as effective and user-friendly as possible. They'll learn to create sites that are free from navigation "dead ends", difficult to use interfaces, and other barriers to usability. All of the principals of User Centered Design (UCD) are covered along with Critical Human Factors, and guidelines for implementing a test plan. Examples of Usability issues and how they are dealt with are covered through a case stdy focused on...