Обложка книги Managing (e)Business Transformation : A Global Perspective

Managing (e)Business Transformation : A Global Perspective

ISBN: 1403944377;
Издательство: Palgrave Macmillan

Book Description Managing (e)Business Transformation comprises text and cases designed to show students how a business can be transformed into an internetworked enterprise where IT infrastructures are used to link customers, suppliers, partners and employees to create superior economic value. The book is written based on the premise that integrating internet technologies throughout the value chain is crucial to building and managing customer relationships. Importantly, it underscores the centrality of basic business and economic principles within the context of a networked environment. The book builds on established business and economic theories, concepts and fundamentals to show that "e-business" will soon be synonymous with "business." The book takes a strong managerial perspective to argue that the internet is simply an enabling technology, which allows firms to build the infrastructure needed to operate in an evolving business world. The application of...

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