Обложка книги eBay Scams! : Protect Yourself as You Master eBay

eBay Scams! : Protect Yourself as You Master eBay

ISBN: 0973532831;
Издательство: Mimosa Books

Book Description As the number of eBay users continues to swell, so do the number of online opportunists, con artists, and miscreants that prey upon unwitting shoppers. Recognizing this danger, this guide helps eBay buyers and sellers both protect themselves and profit. Beginning with the basics of the eBay buying and selling process, users will gain the knowledge necessary to understand the online auction business. Scams are then described and dissected, including such tactics as phantom bidding, spamming, shilling, bid shielding, misleading titles and phishing. In addition, this book also includes Scam Defense checklists and ScamMaster quiz questions to help in the fight against this evil scourge.