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Adam Engst

Eudora 4.2 for Windows and Macintosh: Visual QuickStart Guide (2nd Edition)

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ISBN: 020135389X
Издательство: Peachpit Press
In just a few short years, email has gone from the domain of the technological avant-garde to a mainstay of business and personal communication. The leader in this competitive market is Qualcomm's Eudora. Whether you use the free, downloadable Light version, or the more feature-complete Eudora Pro, Eudora 4.2 for Windows and Macintosh: Visual QuickStart Guide is the easiest, most accessible way to learn this flexible cross-platform app. Though fully updated and revised, this edition sticks to the popular Visual QuickStart format: concise, step-by-step instructions, plenty of screenshots, and clearly tabbed, easy-to-browse sections. Beginners can start with basic but essential tasks, like writing and sending email messages. If you're familiar with the program, you can use the book to quickly refer to the new features and more advanced topics, such as customizing Eudora and working with attachments, filters, and address books. If you have Eudora 4.3, you'll find...