Обложка книги Excel X for Mac OS X

Excel X for Mac OS X

ISBN: 0201758423;
Издательство: Peachpit Press

Untitled Excel X for Mac OS X is the model OS X app, from its Aqua interface to its complete support for OS X's modern architecture. In Excel X for Mac OSX: Visual QuickStart Guide, author Maria Langer, veteran Mac writer andconsultant, walks you through all that's new and noteworthy in Microsoft'sspreadsheet powerhouse, dispensing lots of expert tips along the way. Maria knows you're a busy professional. That's why Excel X for Mac OS X:VQS was designed to let you learn as you work. Use it as aquick-reference guide: Just look up a topic in the index--or use the pagetabs to thumb to it--then follow the simple, concise steps and check yourresults against the accompanying screenshots. Newcomers can treat the book as a step-by-step introduction to Excel, starting with the basics, thenmoving on to more advanced techniques, such as inserting objects andmultimedia events, creating charts...

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