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Start Here: Movie-Making with iMovie

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ISBN: 0766845850;
Издательство: OnWord Press

Apple's iMovie is revolutionizing the home movie market, bringing professional quality digital video (DV) editing into the American household. Learning how to creatively edit digital video footage, and combine it with soundtracks, titles, and special effects, has never been easier! Movie-Making with iMovie 2 shows beginners how simple it is to create their own fun short films to document events, including birthdays, vacations, parties and more. An excellent introduction to digital film making, this bookprovides opportunities to gain firsthand experience in every aspect of the movie-making process - from purchasing equipment and gaining a working knowledge of photography and film basics through sketching a storyboard and developing an original movie idea. Starting with tutorials designed to guide readers through the steps required to produce movies, readers are then given instructions for transforming their own unedited home movie footage into entertaining and enjoyable movies. Fun...

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