Обложка книги The Little iTunes Book (2nd Edition)

The Little iTunes Book (2nd Edition)

ISBN: 0321168860;
Издательство: Pearson Education

Take advantage of all of iTunes 3's newest features to give your listening experience a boost-and manage the thousands of songs you've just downloaded to your new 20GB iPod. iTunes 3, the latest version of Apple's free digital music software, offers a host of improvements, such as Smart Playlists, user-defined playlists that automatically update themselves; Sound Check, which regulates sound volume across your entire library; better management of Internet streaming, including spoken-word content from Audible.com; and exportable playlists that can be used in other programs. The updated edition of Bob "Dr. Mac" LeVitus's The Little iTunes Book covers all of these new features as well as the basics, including how to import music from audio CDs, burn audio CDs, and organize and manage your music collection.

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