Обложка книги Interactive QuickTime: Authoring Wired Media (QuickTime Developer) (QuickTime Developer Series)

Interactive QuickTime: Authoring Wired Media (QuickTime Developer) (QuickTime Developer Series)

ISBN: 1558607463;
Издательство: Morgan Kaufmann
Страниц: 597

Interactivity is one of the most captivating topics for today's online community. It is a fast-growing field pushed by the rapid development and dispersion of Java, Shockwave, Flash, and QuickTime. While several good books are available about the interactive capabilities of Java, Shockwave, and Flash, until now there hasn't been a book about QuickTime interactivity. A logical follow-up to QuickTime for the Web , this eagerly awaited book by Matthew Peterson details the power of QuickTime's wired media technology and provides a resource for professionals developing and deploying interactive QuickTime content. This content can extend far beyond simple movies—it can act as application user interfaces, educational multimedia, scientific display panels, musical instruments, games and puzzles, etc., and can interact with you, your browser, a server, or with other movies. *Describes concepts and techniques of interactivity applicable to technologies beyond...

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