Обложка книги Microsoft PowerPoint 97 : CoursePak

Microsoft PowerPoint 97 : CoursePak

ISBN: 1930581033;
Издательство: Azimuth Interactive, Inc.

The Series has trained over 650,000 students throughout North American universities, colleges, and business schools where it is distributed by McGraw-Hill; the largest, most reputable book publisher in the world. The product you are about to purchase isthe same high quality software training system proven in thousands of classrooms and hundreds of offices worldwide. The MS PowerPoint 97 CoursePak contains both a highly interactive CD ROM training program PLUS an easy-to-use book that reinforces learning and provides a useful reference manual. This is the fastest and most effective software learning tool. Azimuth's Inter@ctiveLearning Series CoursePak provides a comprehensive eight-hour training program. The Series is designed for those whoneed to learn software tools effectively in the shortest possible time. The interactive CD ROM provides detailed software simulations with full audio plus immediate interactive feedback. You learn while actually practicing skills in a...