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Marianne Fox, Lawrence C. Metzelaar

Microsoft Excel 2002 MOUS Expert Level (Prentice Hall Test Prep Series)

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ISBN: 0130497800
Издательство: Pearson Education
This book focuses on preparing the user to pass the associated Microsoft Office User Specialist (MOUS) certification exam. Its step-by-step tutorials show how to complete the required procedures in a clear, concise, and direct manner. The tutorials are organized to match the order of the skill sets and skills being measured as published on Microsoft's MOUS website. Skill sets include working with cells and cell data, formatting and printing worksheets, modifying workbooks, creating and revising formulas, creating and modifying graphics, importing and exporting data, managing workbooks, formatting numbers, working with ranges, customizing excel, auditing worksheets, summarizing data, analyzing data, and workgroup collaboration. For MOUS certification.