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Adam C. Engst, David Pogue, Adam Engst

Crossing Platforms : A Macintosh/Windows Phrasebook

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ISBN: 1565925394, 9781565925397
Издательство: O'Reilly & Associates
Like travelers in a foreign land, Mac users working in Windows or Windows users working on a Mac often find themselves in unfamiliar territory with no guidebook. Crossing Platforms: A Macintosh/Windows Phrasebook , with information presented in a translation dictionary-like format, offers users a handy way of translating skills and knowledge from one platform to the other. This complete reference includes: A general introduction to the key differences between the Mac and Windows A to Z sections for each platform: one section where Mac users look up familiar Macintosh terms to find the equivalent function in Windows along with an explanation of the differences; and another section where Windows users find familiar Windows terms with pointers to the Macintosh equivalent along with full descriptions of how the function works on the Mac and important differences between the two platforms Bridging the Mac-PC knowledge gap,...