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John C. May, Judy B. Whittle

Extending the Macintosh Toolbox: Programming Menus, Windows, Dialogs, and More (Macintosh Inside Out)

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ISBN: 0201577224
Издательство: Addison Wesley Publishing Company
The Macintosh interface presents a sophisticated and complex challenge to all Macintosh programmers. Its intuitive system of icons, menus, scroll bars, and dialog boxes can be much more difficult to program than it is to use. The Macintosh Toolbox, the set of programming tools incorporated into all Macintosh computers, is the key to programming the interface. "Extending the Macintosh Toolbox" is a comprehensive, hands-on guide to working with the Toolbox. It provides a practical set of routines designed to speed up development of applications. The book begins with the basics of initializing the Toolbox, building menus, creating dialogs and windows, and handling cursors and icons. The book then covers more advanced topics in depth, including picts, resources, Edit text, and popup menus. The book also contains an extensive library of valuable routines to allow you to create and customize Macintosh interfaces for your application. You will also learn how to: draw rectangles and...