Обложка книги Linux Programming by Example : The Fundamentals

Linux Programming by Example : The Fundamentals

ISBN: 0131429647;
Издательство: Pearson Education

Anyone who's done programming work knows that you spend half your coding time looking for other people's solutions to the problems you're facing in your project. Particularly when you're dealing with times, dates, standard calculations, and other common problems, you find yourself saying, "Someone must have solved this before." And, indeed, someone usually has. Linux Programming by Example is a dense compendium of Linux software solutions--tools, algorithms, and procedures that solve data-processing challenges of the sort that crop up in all sorts of software projects. Though it does not address X11 user-interface programming or network communications much, this book does a great job of communicating recommended practices for command-line interfaces, filesystem manipulation, internationalization and localization, and inter-process communications. Taken together with The Art of Unix Programming , this book will help you solve difficult Linux programming problems quickly. ...

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