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Mastering Windows Server 2003

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ISBN: 0782141307; 5-85582-246-X; 9780782141306;
Издательство: Sybex Books
Страниц: 1792

If you're a current or aspiring Windows administrator or consultant, look no further than Mastering Windows Server 2003 for the in-depth, comprehensive, unbiased, and highly readable (some would even say entertaining) coverage readers have come to expectfrom the leading Windows authority, Mark Minasi. Building on the solid foundation established over years of working with and writing on Windows products, Mark Minasi takes you where few have ventured within Windows Server 2003, Microsoft's flagship network operating system that provides a solution for file and printer sharing, secure Internet connectivity, centralized desktop application deployment, and rich collaboration between businesses, employees, and customers. Anyone evaluating or planning a deployment of .NET Server will benefit immeasurably from Mark Minasi's detailed discussion of Windows Server 2003 installation, configuration, and essential operations. Mark Minasi is a regular keynote speaker at major IT conferences across...

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