Обложка книги MCSE Windows 2000 Professional LabSim (Exam: 70-210)

MCSE Windows 2000 Professional LabSim (Exam: 70-210)

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ISBN: 1576109186;
Издательство: Certification Insider Press

A solid if not exceptional piece of training software, MCSE Windows 2000 Professional LabSim probably won't guarantee a pass by itself--but if you don't have a copy of Windows 2000 to fool around with, this could be the next best thing. Imagine, if you will, sitting in a class with a large projector where the instructor talks as she demonstrates common Windows 2000 functions for you. "Okay, here's why you'd want to deploy an application," she says, "And here's how you do it." And she then hands the PC over to you, and you do it. If you can conjure up that picture in your mind, you pretty much have the whole idea of how this software works. (And if you can't, you're probably going to have some serious issues with passing anyway.) It's notall wine and roses, however: the audio narration is okay, and gives a fair amount of detail, but it's fairly basic stuff and doesn't really get into the nitty-gritty underpinnings of Win2K. You'll understand the rudiments quite...