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Bill Dyszel

Microsoft Outlook 98 for Windows for Dummies

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ISBN: 0764503936, 9780764503931
Издательство: For Dummies
Год издания: 1998
Страниц: 384
Who, what, where, and when? We've become an information-driven culture, and keeping track of the people, places, and events in our busy lives can mean the difference between success and catastrophe. So toss out all those sticky notes and pieces of paper scattered far and wide, and turn to Microsoft's Outlook 98 for real-world scheduling and information-management solutions. Outlook 98 keeps track of names, addresses, and essential contact information; schedules meetings and appointments; sends and receives e-mail; and manages to-do lists for all occasions. And the best way to keep on top of Outlook 98 is with a copy of Microsoft Outlook 98 For Windows For Dummies , packed with timesaving tips and practical advice on making Outlook 98 work foryou. Don't be left out of the loop on timely or critical information -- get organized and up to speed with Microsoft Outlook 98 For Windows For Dummies today.